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Mutant Allies

Reviews, Analysis, and Criticism of Mutant Enemy Productions

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Mutant Allies: Reviews, Commentary, and Analysis
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If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, please e-mail the community moderators, Djinanna -or- Minim Calibre -or- coffee & ink. Please include "mutant_allies" in subject line, thanks!

This community collects links to reviews, commentary, and analysis of Mutant Enemy productions--Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly.

Posts should include:

* LINKS ONLY, not reposts of articles or reviews. We want to index discussion, not host it.

* A subject line (to make it easier for us to index entries later on).

* The name of the review author

* A brief description of the review

* Spoiler warning which contains the name (and number, if known) of the latest episode to which the post refers

Ex. jossfan reviews Latest Episode (7.xx).

The community admins will be updating the Memories to index posts by show, episode title and number, and (if we're feeling very energetic) review author. We welcome links to any kind of review, commentary, or analysis, whether positive or negative, on livejournal or off. You are more than welcome to post links to your own commentary.

djinanna & minim_calibre & coffeeandink

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