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Meta: Dracula vs Buffy

beer_good_foamy discusses Buffy, Dracula, the nature of vampires and the Season 5 arc.

"Get a life" seems like a theme here. Season 5 is the season in which Buffy really starts having trouble with being the Slayer. Throughout the whole season, every character is consistently shown to be at least two seemingly contradicting characters...

Spoilers through the end of Season 7. Also spoilers through Season 8, Issue 12 (comics).

It's quite long and well-written. Best Buffyverse meta I've read in a long time. Highly enjoyable!
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Vampires Amidst the Community: The Role of the State in Dealing with the Supernatural

Author: dlgood

Title: Vampires amidst the Community: The Role of the State in Dealing with Supernatural Threats to the Civilian Population

Summary: Investigating the question of whether The Initiative was a logical answer to the Demon world, and whether the Buffyverse still needs such an organization even now? The response will consider the role of civic institutions in a world with a shadow supernatural element. This involves Analysis of the Initiative in specific, and roles of The State in general.

Spoilers: All episodes of BtVS and AtS, particularly BtVS S4 and S7.22 Chosen

Word count: 5,125

Notes: The term "The Slayer" can be used to describe both the slayer herself, and an organization developed upon pursuit of core mission areas.

Author Info: The Author holds a Master’s in Public Policy (International Relations Concentration), served for two years on his city’s Traffic & Transportation Planning board, and currently works in congressional/legislative affairs for the US Navy.